Ethical Education Network

A professional network for teachers with an interest in Ethical Education

Ethical Education

Ethical Education involves exploring different worldviews and beliefs, considering ethical dilemmas and the process of ethical decision making. It enlightens, challenges and widens our perspective of the world. It encourages reflection and engagement with local and global issues. It teaches us to think of ourselves as citizens of our local and global communities with a shared responsibility for ensuring equality and human rights are extended to all people and inspires us to act to achieve this common goal.

Ethical Education encompasses Intercultural Education, Citizenship Education, Human Rights Education, Education for Sustainable Development, Development Education and Education for Peace and Conflict Prevention. Ethical Education invites students and teachers to engage with issues and problems facing society and aims to develop the skills of critical thinking, discussion and debate.



About Us

A network run by teachers for teachers.

The Ethical Education Network was launched on Wednesday 31st May 2017 in Drumcondra Education Centre. The network is run by teachers for teachers and is open to all.

The Ethical Education Network aims to support and promote Ethical Education. It brings together teachers from all subject disciplines to develop their knowledge and skills to teach Ethical Education across all subjects.

It will be of particular interest to teachers of Ethical Education in Educate Together schools as well as teachers of CSPE, Philosophy, Politics and Society, Religion, Development Education and Education for Sustainability. Teachers from all schools are welcome to become members.

Ethical Education Curriculum

Educate Together schools teach Ethical Education as an independent subject at primary (Learn Together) and second-level (Ethical Education Curriculum). The Ethical Education Curriculum and Learn Together are taught in Educate Together schools. The Curriculum documents are available to download from the Educate Together Resource Bank. The curriculum strands are outlined below:


  • Moral and Spiritual
  • Equality and Justice
  • Belief Systems
  • Ethics and the Environment

Second Level

  • Values
  • Making Moral and Ethical Decisions
  • Beliefs and Worldviews
  • Different Teachings and Perspectives
  • Diversity in Ireland
  • Migration
  • Power and Participation
  • Gender Equality
  • Development Education



Join Our Network

The Ethical Education Network is free to join and is open to all teachers. Please follow this link: Sign Up

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